About Nadene

Nadene van der Linden is a Clinical Psychologist and Psychology Board Approved Supervisor. Nadene is an Advanced Certified Schema Therapist and an Accredited EMDR therapist and EMDR Consultant (EMDRAA).

Over the course of 20 years, Nadene has developed a special interest in trauma and longstanding relationship, and sexual difficulties. Nadene works from a schema therapy and EMDR therapy perspective. Nadene is known for her active therapy approach and the use of bodymind and experiential techniques.

A large part of Nadene’s work is mentoring and supervision of psychologists and therapists. Nadene offers clinical supervision and EMDR Consultation (1:1 and group) for therapists seeking EMDR accreditation. She also offers online training and courses for therapists.

Nadene enjoys writing and expressing ideas. She has an extensive collection of blog articles published on her own websites and other international websites.

Outside of her role in the therapy community, Nadene loves dogs, including her own two pet dogs, and yoga and spending time with friends.